About entwa



体の動きに沿う、曲線を取り入れたシンプルなデザイン、 遊びは素材と小さなディテールで。


Cherish the small details of each day

We seek simple designs with curves that follow the body's movements, incorporate playfulness in materials, and accentuate small details. May your days be a little more special and imaginative.





entwa's clothes are created naturally in our studio. Each staff member becomes a designer and gives shape to their "likes". The result is beautiful and wearable clothing. The balloon silhouette pants, for example, were born from our own staff members who work in our stores. The balloon silhouette pants with a central seam that creates a three-dimensional effect are easy to walk, kneel in, and get up and down stairs. Pockets are a must. Combined with a shirts, these are now the emblematic style of entwa. We love these pants and are making improvements for the long-term little by little.