Mid-career recruitment (design planning, pattern making, production management)

We are looking for people to join us in building entwa's future.

Entwa is in its third year since its launch.
What happens from now on...?

No one knows yet, and I believe it can still become anything.
We talk a lot together every day, and our ideas grow bigger and bigger every day.

Everyone takes on the challenge, taking detours and failing at times to eventually create something.
That's why we need the power to expand the circle of empathy within our team, and above all, to our customers.

Therefore, this time we are recruiting staff to work on clothing production, which is the core of entwa.
We especially welcome those with experience in design planning, pattern making, and production management.

At entwa we don't keep producing lots of designs every season.
I would like to pass on a single design that emerges naturally in our daily lives, evolving little by little as we go along.

Also, there are no specialized jobs, and the daily work involves answering customer inquiries, shipping, selling at stores and events, etc.
The work covers a wide range of areas.

Maybe this method is not efficient.
But for us, it's just natural.

From creators to communicators. From communicators to creators.

The time I spend sharing what I love with the staff I work with and with customers is filled with happiness.

If you are open-minded and open-minded and enjoy change, come join us in creating the future of entwa.

For more information on how to apply, please click here