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Notice of site renewal

Thank you for visiting the official entwa website. We are pleased to announce that our official website has been renewed from 12 April 2024. We have changed the design and added new payment methods to make your shopping experience more comfortable. We apologize for the inconvenience to customers who were registered on the old site, but we would like to ask you to register and set up a new system. An email ‘Request for re-registration of membership information due to the renewal of the [entwa] website’ has been sent to members to their previously registered email address. We would appreciate it if you could check it as well. We look forward to your continued patronage.

2024 Spring re-dyeing Reception.

Clothes that have been worn a lot and have faded or become difficult to colour-match: entwa's ‘re-dyeing’ is an initiative to breathe new life into clothes that are no longer worn. Whether it's a piece of clothing you've worn a lot or something you want to wear in the coming season. We hope you will enjoy the re-dyeing process, which will allow you to wear them with a new look and feel. We are currently accepting applications for re-dyeing.


6.15 (Sat)-6.30 (Mon) 11:00-sunset
What clothes shall I wear and where shall I go with them? Clothes that will make your heart beat faster in the new season. From new summer items to in-store-only items, the line-up is all here in Inuyama, Aichi.


Pop up store

5.1 (Wed) - 5.27 (Mon) Merry-Go-Round Yokkaichi
5.3 (Fri) - 6.2 (Sun) Atelier oar, Kyoto
5.13 (Mon) - 5.21 (Tue) Isetan Shinjuku 5F


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