Clothes that gently embrace you and before you know it become a part of your everyday life.
These are clothes that we've spent time together with, so we'll continue to cherish them and mend any tears.
Also, it is comfortable enough to suit my current style.
At entwa, we offer alterations to help you continue to cherish your clothing.
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- Hemming

Wide tapered pants from 2,100 yen / Tuck pants from 2,300 yen / Skirts and dresses from 2,300 yen

- Stretching
The hem Stretch the hem by making use of the seam allowance.
The inside cover is made of the same fabric or a different fabric of a similar color.

Wide tapered pants from 2,600 yen / Tuck pants from 2,800 yen / Skirts and dresses from 2,800 yen

- Other services
Include attaching belt loops, replacing waistbands, and repairing frayed hems and pocket openings.
Please feel free to contact us.

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*Prices shown include tax.