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[Now accepting orders] Re-dyeing is available for entwa/kaze no sumika clothes

[Now accepting orders] Re-dyeing is available for entwa/kaze no sumika clothes

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Type of clothing

[Cannot be purchased together with regular products]

Clothes that have been worn a lot and have faded, or clothes that are difficult to match in color.
entwa's "re-dyeing" service is an initiative to breathe new life into clothes that have fallen out of use.

Your favorite piece or that outfit you'll want to wear in the coming season.
You can also have fun re-dyeing it to give it a new look.

[Coral re-dyeing example] Left: before / Right: after

[Black re-dyeing example] Left: before / Right: after

[The fun of re-dyeing]

Entwa's clothes are mainly made using polyester sewing thread, and the stitching remains the same color as before it was re-dyed.
Matching the dyed fabric with the stitching is one of the joys of re-dyeing.

Stains and other dirt that develop over time after wearing the garment may become less noticeable by dyeing it.
We hope you enjoy using your precious items while maintaining them to suit the passage of time and your lifestyle.

Check-in Procedure

1. On this application page, please select the color, type, and quantity of the item and proceed with payment.

2. Shipping: Please read the following precautions and send the item to us in a washed condition, with postage prepaid.
*Please ship within one week of application.

Send to:
8-1 Shibatonukicho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
Entwa, to the dyeing department

3. Entwa reception
Once your order arrives, we will send you a confirmation email.

4. Finishing/Return
It is scheduled to be shipped around the end of June.
*The return date may vary.

Notes *Please read carefully

About the material

At entwa, we dye our products using a method called "reactive dyeing," which is suitable for natural materials. Therefore, there may be variations in the color tone of fabrics that contain materials other than cotton and linen, as well as depending on the weaving method and thickness.

The finish varies depending on the material. We hope you enjoy the fun of re-dyeing.

*For the reasons stated above, we cannot accept items that contain a high percentage of synthetic fibers, wool, or silk.

About the finish

Since re-dyeing is done in a high-temperature pot, there is a possibility that the texture, shape, and dimensions may change, and tears or holes may occur. Also, if there is accumulated invisible dirt, there is a possibility that the color may become uneven.

By re-dyeing, fading and stains become less noticeable by layering the colors. Although it does not completely remove the stains, we hope that we can help you wear the garment more comfortably.

Accessories and sewing thread

Buttons with metal fittings, such as covered buttons, may discolor the fabric due to the dye reaction. Therefore, please remove them before bringing them in for re-dyeing. Also, if you have important buttons and are worried about them chipping or discoloring, please remove them.

Entwa's clothes are mainly made with polyester sewing thread, which means that the thread does not dye and the color is used as a stitch. Please enjoy the individuality of the original clothes.

Washing after re-dyeing

We use a colour-fixing treatment when re-dyeing, but it is best to wash the garment separately from light-coloured clothes for the first wash.

Regarding returns if dyeing is not possible

If we determine that the item cannot be dyed, we will contact you and return it to you cash on delivery.

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