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Stand-up collar shirt, long, sheer crepe cotton

Stand-up collar shirt, long, sheer crepe cotton

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Sheer crepe cotton with fine ripple-like irregularities that give it a rich expression.
The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear, yet has a light, dry touch that feels good against the skin, making it comfortable to wear even in hot, humid summers.

The silhouette has a soft, flowing feel that follows the body, and swaying in the wind.
It is a delightful piece of clothing that is both light and comfortable to wear and has an elegant and relaxed feel.
It is also wrinkle-free and recommended as a travel companion.

Material: 100% cotton

Height bust Sleeve length Cuff width
120 135 78 11.5


*Model height 162cm
*Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the fabric.

washing method

In order to ensure that the fabric can be safely washed at home, ENTWA has tested the fabric washing process in advance. We try to minimise changes in the texture and elasticity of the fabric when washed for the first time, but when washing, please refer to the quality label and choose a method suitable for your washing machine. We recommend that you avoid using a dryer and dry the garment in an airy, shady place to avoid fading. We also recommend hand-washing individual items of clothing in dark-coloured fabrics.

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