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Dutch collar shirt Nidom cotton

Dutch collar shirt Nidom cotton

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A cool shirt for the hot summer

Buttons are one of the things that make an outfit stand out.

To add a soft nuance to the dignified fabric, we chose small covered buttons made from the same fabric. The vibrant design, arranged in a ton-ton pattern, brings out the simplicity of the shirt.

The relaxed, airy silhouette keeps you cool.

This garment is made from Nidom Typewriter fabric, which is soft against the skin, making it comfortable to wear.

Made in Japan
Material: 100% cotton

Height Sleeve length bust Cuff width
60 44 124 17.5


*Model height 162cm. Sizes may vary slightly depending on fabric.

washing method

・At entwa, we test the fabric washing process in advance so that you can wash it safely at home. We try to minimize changes in the texture and expansion and contraction of the fabric when washed for the first time, but when washing, please refer to the quality label and choose the method that is suitable for your washing machine.
・We recommend avoiding using the dryer and drying in a shaded area with good ventilation to avoid fading.
We also recommend that you wash clothes made of dark-colored fabrics by hand.

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