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Masking tape

Masking tape

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Original textile masking tape.

A rainbow drop pattern with exquisite color changes (rainbow)
A pattern that plays with colors and the letter ei (ei)
There are four types in total, including arabesque patterns (green and gold) inspired by flowers swaying in the wind .

You can have fun arranging your gift wrapping, notebooks, and letters.

washing method

In order to ensure that the fabric can be safely washed at home, ENTWA has tested the fabric washing process in advance. We try to minimise changes in the texture and elasticity of the fabric when washed for the first time, but when washing, please refer to the quality label and choose a method suitable for your washing machine. We recommend that you avoid using a dryer and dry the garment in an airy, shady place to avoid fading. We also recommend hand-washing individual items of clothing in dark-coloured fabrics.

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