2024 Spring Re-dyeing Begins


Clothes that have been worn a lot and have faded, or clothes that are difficult to match in color.
entwa's "re-dyeing" service is an initiative that breathes new life into clothes that have fallen out of use.

In 2024, we will be accepting orders in spring and fall for two colors: the seasonal color "coral" and the classic color "black."
An outfit that you wore a lot during autumn and winter, or an outfit that you'll want to wear in the coming seasons.
It can also be re-dyed to give it a new look.
Why not try it out during the season when you change your clothes?

Spring re-dyeing will begin on Saturday, April 27th.
The new color "Coral" shows various expressions depending on the original color of the fabric. It is a bright and gorgeous color that becomes more attractive the more you look at it.
The classic color "black" is a deep green color that gives you a sense of security as it will embrace any color.

[Coral re-dyeing example] Left: before / Right: after

[Black re-dyeing example] Left: before / Right: after

[The fun of re-dyeing]

Entwa's clothes are mainly made using polyester sewing thread, and the stitching remains the same color as before it was re-dyed.
Matching the dyed fabric with the stitching is one of the joys of re-dyeing.
Also, stains and other dirt that develops over time when worn may become less noticeable by dyeing.
Use important things while maintaining them to suit the passage of time and your lifestyle.
The layering of colour through dyeing makes choosing and wearing clothes an even more enjoyable experience.

[2024 Spring Re-dyeing Overview]

- Eligible Entwa products (including Kaze no Sumika products)

—Color: Coral Black

—Application period: April 27th (Sat) - May 31st (Fri)

—Reception location: entwa online shop/physical stores (entwa/NAOT NARA, NAOT TOKYO, NAOT AICHI)

—Return period: Scheduled for the end of June

—Prices Dolman T-shirts/cut and sewn tops/cardigans: 2,200 yen Shirts/blouses: 2,530 yen Pants: 3,080 yen Skirts: 3,300 yen Dresses/long shirts/coats/jackets: 3,850 yen

*All prices include tax.
*Tops are the same price regardless of whether they are short-sleeved or long-sleeved.
*Please contact us for types other than those listed above.
*Applies to entwa (kaze no sumika) products.

If you have any questions or concerns in advance, please contact us using the inquiry form .

*The next event is scheduled for autumn.

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